We are a highly professional and well regarded new build snagging company. We inspect newly constructed apartments and houses across London and the South East of England.

We are completely independent and committed to advising you, the client, to help you to get the home you expect. Our inspectors are highly experienced with a broad knowledge base from surveying, developing and senior site management, enabling us to produce the most detailed snagging reports.

We understand how even small issues evident now, not only undermine the finish, but can also present problems later on and we are passionate about achieving the best outcome for our clients. Consequently, we are always on hand for advice and help.

Often our services are recommended by private equity clients, lawyers, conveyancers and estate agents, who are looking to assure their clients of purchase quality.

Please see our testimonials to understand more about the value we add for clients.

Why use us?

Snagging is a specialist field and long gone are the days where a simple list of jobs to be done would suffice. Sadly, purchasing a new house is rarely without faults as the media has repeatedly highlighted in recent years.

Our Services


Many companies still focus on creating a basic list of tasks to be completed, but at snagmyproperty.com we use our expertise, foresight and specialist equipment to create a 5-star comprehensive snagging service with annotated reports. For example, we conduct thermal imaging as standard to detect drafts, missing insulation, wet areas and heating defects, in both underfloor heating and radiators. Our superb customer service (reports back same day), support and know-how enable us to be at the forefront of improving standards.


Our snagging reports are of a most comprehensive quality, with an overview and each snag photographed and annotated to give a clear and concise list. The time and date stamp provides clarity for the developer. Jargon-free and easy to understand, our reports enable you to identify the defects present in the property and will aid you in following up to get snagging issues addressed. You may wish to do this yourself, although we can also offer competitive rates to de-snag a property (see De-snagging section).

A WhatsApp video of your property can be created if you are unable to visit it, such as for overseas clients, at no extra charge.

See example reports


Although our reports are designed so that you can follow up personally, if you wish our de-snag service can also take care of this for you. Clients often find this useful if they are too busy to follow up personally, distant or living overseas, or are simply looking for peace of mind. During a de-snag we re-inspect the property and check it for completion of the snags identified and to ensure they are up to the correct standards of workmanship. We will identify any incomplete or substandard work to be addressed.

Here’s what our snagging reports consist of checking:

  • Internal
  • Heating/aircon/insulation function via thermal imaging
  • Lighting, electrical sockets and power to appliances
  • Kitchen fittings including extractor test
  • Walls and ceilings
  • Paintwork/plasterwork/sealants
  • Plumbing, leaks, water pressure and sanitary fitting
  • Floor fitting and finish
  • Tiling
  • Woodwork/Joinery
  • Doors and windows including frames/fitting/locks
  • Lofts including insulation
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
  • External
  • Visible brickwork and pointing
  • Garages
  • Garden/soil/turf
  • Driveway/patio/paving
  • Roof/guttering/pipework
  • Doors and windows from exterior
  • Outside lighting


What is ‘snagging’?

This is a colloquial expression used within the construction industry throughout the UK. It denotes a process of inspection necessary to compile a list of minor defects or omissions in building works for the constructor to rectify. These so called minor defects can turn out to be a major source of conflict between developers and purchasers of new homes.

Can the developer deny access to snag the property?

Yes, as legally until you have completed the property still belongs to the developer. However, many developers will work with us and grant access to snag pre-completion, in the interests of resolving issues prior to the property legally becoming yours.

When is the best time to snag a property?

The best time is prior to legal completion as it allows the developer time to address the snags prior to the property being occupied. However, snagging can take place at any time within the first two years of completion. If further snags are identified within the two-year period, the initial list can be updated and submitted for remedy.


I recently employed a company called snag my property who came round to my new build flat to carry out a snagging check.

Adam came round, was really friendly , courteous and knowledgeable. He promptly got on with his work and offered great advice. I received a detailed and easy to read report, with colour photos and diagrams. I would totally recommend Adam and snag my property and just wish more work men were as friendly and professional.

A. Holt – Chiswick

I needed an inspection of a new build flat prior to exchanging. Adam was thorough and efficient with his review and provided additional advice on top which provided both a professional and personal feel. There are others that offer this type of service, but for the price and quality, I would recommend Adam, especially when it involves something as important as a new home.”

“As for the visit, I went earlier this morning and feeling more and more confident I can move in soon! I have asked the seller to commit to correcting the issues by including a clause in the contract, but given them 3-6 months to do so. Hopefully this gets them comfortable and I can sign on the dotted line this week. Fingers crossed!

Akilesh – Harrow

Adam was incredibly thorough and didn’t let the developer away with anything! As first time buyers, there were a multitude of snags which we would have otherwise missed, so it’s well worth bringing in Adam; he’s knows exactly what to look for!’

Thanks again for your help Adam, we’ll definitely be in touch again if we move into another new build (hopefully not too soon though!).

All the best,

Fin – Croydon

My wife and I recently purchased a newbuild property which had been subject to a long term delay and then was rushed for completion. With not a lot of notice we contacted Adam who immediately called us back and talked us through his process and what he would do. Two days later and Adam came to the property and conducted an expert and thorough survey of the house. He was very friendly and polite and explained what he was looking for and what he found – perfect for novices like ourselves! The newbuild Company had also been pushing us for our snagging list and to accommodate Adam completed and sent his extensive report the very next morning, which was greatly appreciated.

We did look at several companies but reading about Adam and his services we felt he would be a perfect fit – we were right! Adam is very knowledgeable and understanding of your issues. He is very personable and also has many years of experience and was highly qualified.

We are now working with the contractors and builders to correct what Adam highlighted and we cannot thank him enough for this. We would highly recommend his services to anyone who requires a survey or a snagging list compiled and we will be sure that they will be happy in the knowledge that he has checked the entirety of their property properly and thoroughly.

Chris Adie and Claire McMahon-Adie – Apsley, Hertfordshire

I really appreciate Adam’s diligent work. He helped out checking every single snag accurately and ‘brutally’. His work really added value to the property itself. I feel like he is the key to save time and effort.

Justin & Flora – Canada Water

We used Adam to get a more professional eye cast over our newly renovated flat, as we were unhappy with the finish from the developer. I had done much of the snagging already but had clearly missed plenty of things.

It was so useful to have his input and I was able to send his reports, which were almost instantaneous, direct to the developer for action – a huge help and a significant reduction in stress as a result. Definitely worth while and recommended.

Mrs Turberville Richmond

When I moved into my house the developer had a lot of finishing issues and I asked Adam to help prepare a professional and independent report.

Adam was very professional, thorough and provided the report with a few days. The developer was then able to prioritise works and complete the finishing to a high standard. Adam also reviewed the works and again provided a concise report of outstanding issues to be addresses.

Over all I was very happy with the results and Adam’s work helped me significantly.

Mark – Richmond

Adam is prompt and very attentive. His service was excellent and I will definitely work with him again.

Eliana D’Alessandro – Mindtheflat.co.uk